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Dean of Students-Student Services Coordinator (2 positions)

Job Description Overview:
Dean of Students-Student Services Coordinator serves as a liaison between administration, school staff, students, families and community agencies that support students.

Training and Licensure:
Dean of Students-Student Services Coordinator possesses a master’s degree from an accredited program in educational leadership and/or special education. They possess licensure from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in at least one area of special education combined with at least 5 years of successful experience in an educational setting. Due to travel across educational settings, a valid Wisconsin driver’s license is required.

Job Description:
The principle objectives of the Dean of Students-Student Services Coordinator role is to provide leadership related to effective instruction and models of intervention for all students as well as direct intervention for specific students. Within the problem solving model, the Dean of Students-Student Services Coordinator may perform the following tasks within each the following areas:

▪ Applies knowledge of academic and behavioral assessment tools to assist teams in targeting selections based upon the function of the assessment (screening, diagnostic or progress monitoring) for specific students.
▪ Use data and defined performance criteria to identify students not meeting proficiency criteria in academic and/or behavioral areas.
▪ Interprets assessment data to determine appropriate interventions for academic needs.
▪ Assists teams in completing functional behavioral assessments and risk assessments.
▪ Knows the laws and regulations related to the implementation of IDEA in evaluation.

Learning Supports and Plans:
▪ Works with at-risk administrative leadership in developing and supporting alternative education models and interventions.
▪ Can assist in development of behavioral interventions appropriate to the type and severity of needs presented.
▪ Assists teams in connecting evaluation, present level of functional educational performance, goals and
▪ Assists in providing interventions related to AOTDA issues including referrals for assessment, addressing related behavioral and academic issues and supporting linkages to other agencies.
▪ Accesses resources for teams to utilize in addressing specific situations.
▪ Follows laws and regulations regarding student behavioral intervention and can provide leadership to assist teams in addressing these issues.
▪ Knows the laws and regulations related to the implementation of IDEA in programming and service delivery.
▪ Assists in the coordination of student attendance policies and procedures.
▪ Provides direct intervention in resolving behavioral events or issues within the school environment including application of behavioral consequences, code of conduct application, crisis intervention, etc.

Team Collaboration:
▪ Establish and maintain relationships with students and families to promote common understandings.
▪ Facilitates IEP meetings with parents, community members and instructional teams.
▪ Determines appropriate supportive resources and assist teams in accessing them to meet student needs.
▪ Collaborates with pupil services team to develop supports for social, emotional, health and safety needs of students.
▪ Facilitates resolution of issues or differences amongst team members.
▪ Leads or facilitates discussions regarding appropriate options for intervention plans for specific students.
▪ Works collaboratively with teachers to develop instructional or support strategies for specific students. Use data, implements strategies to proactively address systems barriers as well as individual student plans.
▪ Articulate methods and practices and seeks to implement others which could improve effective partnerships between families, schools, and/or community agencies or members.
▪ Promotes a multi-tiered intervention system within a professional learning community.
▪ Works with administration and other leadership to in scheduling and resource management.

Full Job Description available by request.